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If it is building houses as a shelter from the monsoon in especially endangered villages, financing tuition, supporting small ambulant hospitals or to advance daily necessary things, such as building toilets or fountains, if kindergartens, consultations or installing electricity – we help. And as these examples show it works straightforwardly:



The community center is established


Together we celebrate the first year of teaching in the community center

Finally water


The second manually fountain in Malaimedu

The new water storage for Malaimedu.


Since the state water is only available for 1-2 hours, it should be stored in the tank.



Tapping the public aqueduct at great loss, if any water comes



Schoolchildren in Malaimedu next to the new solar electronics



Regular cleaning increases the solar power




It is urgent for the deaf-mute woman and her mother to repair the roof.





The new roof truss is already finished.




The new canopy is ready.



In front of the house of a family with 3 little girls. The man is deaf and rarely gets work. SISTER donates food regularly.



The young mother cannot afford the medicine for her mentally handicapped boy. SISTER pays the costs.






The new teacher Sri Devi from Kuzhipanthandalam gets her employment contract.




The schoolchildren fill out a piece of paper made by us with personal data and are photographed




Sisters among themselves


Further aid



Latha helps paint her house





Together we celebrate the new painting with a cup of tea




Since Latha feels better, she can also restore traditional color patterns (Rangoli).





The widow Chokkamal, her 2 children and her sister live in this room. The tuition of the daughter is paid by SISTER





Widower Albert with his children and his mother. The tuition of a daughter is paid by SISTER







Family Amul. If needed, SISTER supports the widow's big daughter, who lives with 2 sons, 1 daughter and mother.



Impoverished family in Mamallapuram. The mother keeps the family alive by gardening. SISTER supports with food.

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