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Overview of some SISTER-Projekts


If building houses that can stand the Monsun in villages that are mostly at risk, financing teachers or small ambulant clinics, promoting Daily necessary things as toilets, fountain, if kindergarden, visits of the doctor or installation of energy supply – we help. And we do it in an uncomplicated way as these examples show.





Pupils and the new teacher Pushpathi



Reparation of the water pipeline to the water tank






Pupils and the teacher Sri Devi in the school building.






The new cupboard was transported in a TukTuk.







Below the new roof for shadow of the community center.


Further aid



Irularchildren are working in the new forest with wild plants and corps, financed by the association from Hamburg “Zukunft Irula” (Future Irula).



SISTER financed a fountain with manual pump for water supply of the new forest with wild plants and corps.




SISTER financed a chimney for the kitchen of the kindergarden in an Irularvillage in cooperation with the Indian aid organisation “WeCare”.




SISTER financed the school tax for two of the four girls. The Parents sell coconut water on the street.




The school tax of Chokkamals daughter (in the center) is payed for another year.





One of Alberts daughters school tax is financed by SISTER.



Assisting the start-up of Rosemary’s Coffee-shop. The first visitors. Shopping and opening.



SISTER financed the school tax for the daughter of this impoverished family.



SISTER aided the creative painting class for Irularchildren.

Projects in preparation


SISTER is planning a new community center in Edayankuppam, an Irularvillage.


The assosiations SISTER, “Zukunft Irular“(Future Irular) from Hamburg and „WeCare” from south India are planning a new type of building. The house is going to be constructed without concrete or asbestos instead long-lasting and recyclable materials are going to be used.

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