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Examples of different SISTER projects


If it is building houses as a shelter from the monsoon in especially endangered villages, financing tuition, supporting small ambulant hospitals or to advance daily necessary things, such as building toilets or fountains, if kindergartens, consultations or installing electricity – we help. And as these examples show it works straightforwardly:



The community center is established


The group of sister-members, that went to India 2016/17 in front of the new community center with a wheelchair access ramp in Malaimedu. Linges (left) and Kutty (2nd from left), our partners are happy about the completion, too

Finally water


The fountain, financed by SISTER, works again. As it is used a lot, it has to be maintained and  repaired regularly. SISTER undertakes these costs as well.

Opening ceremony of the community center


Gero Reimers speech was translated by Linges, our Indian local partner, for the attendees. In the background you can see the plaque in memory of the SISTER-founder Hans Rickert.

Future students


Children of less fortunate families attend government-school. They are exited for the additional lessons in the community center, as only this way they might get the chance to go to vocational school.

It can beginn


The employment contract between the teacher  Raziya in Malaimedu and SISTER is signed. She teaches 5days a week for 2 ½ hours. English is an important part of the lessons.

School for everyone


Before the distribution of the teaching aids (laying on the left side) for the lessons, the children listen to the celebratory speech of Gero, translated by Raziya, the new teacher.

The first lessons take place on the floor, just as usually in Indian schools.


Tuition begins


Kids of different ages are taught in the afternoon, after governmental school, by teacher Raziya inside the community center, financed by SISTER, to get prepared for  vocational school. This includes learning English.




A new shower room


Inside the new shower room not only woman can wash and get dressed undisturbed. Villagers get water from the fountain, which is just a few meters away.

The fountain is the only water supply for the village.


 Das alte Duschhaus

One toilet as a model


The compost toilet is being used by Villikandu and his family after an official opening.


Last year the function of the toilet and the use of dung was explained to the villagers.


A lot of request


Meanwhile there are to many children attending the tuition, giving in the community center, build two years ago by SISTER. Children from villages all around come to the lessons.

There is a very large demand of good school education.


Further aid



Widow Lattha (holds up herself on our Indian partner Kuttys motorbike) and one of her two daughters in front of the rent house.


As Lattha is very sick SISTER finances the medical support, the school for the children and provides food.



SISTER visits widow Chokkamal and her two children. The costs for the school are financed by SISTER.

Since her husband died two years ago of a cardiac infarction, her siblings help with looking after the kids when she goes to work.


Soniya and Durga


Sisters Durga and Soniy (from left) are orphans and supported by a family. Soniya finishes her formation medical laboratory assistant in March and Durga wants to start to study, for becoming a teacher.

The costs for the school are financed by SISTER.





Mutthu can only lie down, as he is seriously disabled by a viral disease. We support his mother with food and reparations on the house.




Since 2009 SISTER has been supporting a Brazilian kindergarten whom was assisted by Sister Mara during a local internship.


With donations we help the child care facility. (1st picture: Mara (right) and Donna Elza, director of the kindergarten (left))

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