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Overview of some SISTER-Projekts


If building houses that can stand the Monsun in villages that are mostly at risk, financing teachers or small ambulant clinics, promoting Daily necessary things as toilets, fountain, if kindergarden, visits of the doctor or installation of energy supply – we help. And we do it in an uncomplicated way as these examples show.




 Well race repair / The well works again



New lighting and repair for the Malaimedu Center



Repair of the solar system



First new roofing with durable, white trapezoidal sheet metal on the outside and later installation of wooden panels on the inside as heat protection.


16 coconut palms planted, for shade, coconuts and fuel

Further aid


Irish children plant trees and bushes under supervision, financed by Sister


Sister helps to plant the wilderness forest


The new wilderness forest protection fence, by Sister



Next to it the well place and the solar system which charges a battery. At night, electricity is given to the fence in cycles. During the day there is electricity for the water pump.




The young woman without uniform is now studying. The school for the younger sister Sindhiya is paid by us.

Projects in preparation


At the beginning of 2020, 2 more plots of wilderness forest will be planted


Harvesting and partial marketing of wilderness forest products. Tapioca was cultivated in the open areas as a catch crop.






Financing the participation of 3 Irular in a workshop for old, ecological loam building techniques

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