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With Sister I am able to fulfill my always existing wish to help needy people. During a trip to India with a group of experienced Sisters I had the possibility to approach to the subject. I like helping locally and as well do little presentations in our region to inform people about this completely different lifestyle.

SISTER Kerstin

When I returned from my first India trip, my sons asked me full of expectation: “Mum, what is going to change for us?” I answered “Nothing for now.” The change was happening inside my head: the awareness of the plenty we live in and a need to share it didn't leave me anymore and determines my actions. That's what my sons notice as well.


On the contrary to many people in this world we are really rich. Wealth where ever you look, e.g. human rights, money, health care, education. We often don't even notice because it seems just so naturally to us.

The first travel to India was a journey into a different time, a different world. If you allow it to happen, it changes you strongly. The way you see things changes and therefore your actions as well. Giving – if it's time or money or skills – is not only simple, it as well gives an additional benefit to people, to givers and recipients.


The resources and possibilities in our global world are, without any doubt, distributed unfair. On the other hand is the colorful diversity and the uncompromising difference of so many cultures and continents such an important resource and a wonderful enrichment.

I am sure that difficulties can be faced and reasonable changes can be achieved only by working  together and in dialog with consideration and appreciation of the needs of every single person involved.

For that reason I traveled to India myself, to get an idea of the local circumstances, problems and fortunes and returned with an enormous wealth of experience.


I am Sister, because I'm aware of the luxury life we are living in Germany – at the expense of others. I went to India to see, to feel, to experience and to comprehend who is suffering to make our standard of living possible. Not least in those wonderful or shocking moments during the journey I realized that I want to help- active and directly. And could there be a better way than SISTER?


After school I had no clue in witch direction I wanted to go. Traveling? Getting to know different cultures? Australia? Thailand? Why not India? Sister gave me the possibility to get to know this county differently, to see parts that tourists can't. SISTER helped me to develop the consciousness that we are in charge of our own lives and not determined by our social status. Us in Germany, we have incredible possibilities and I want to give something in return to Sister and the openhearted Indians for making me notice.

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